Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Happenings

Hello, Monday. We meet again... 
I hate when I feel like I didn't accomplish much over the weekend but it still seemed super busy.
At least we got lots of rain on Saturday, my favorite! And pretty temps on Sunday. 

We didn't make it to the fair:(  Hopefully this week/weekend sometime. 

Fellow Tulsans, have you tried cookies from Barbee's? Uh. Mazing.
They're famous for their cinnamon roll cookies but I tried the oatmeal chocolate chip pecan. Maybe the best cookie I've ever had?

I made three craft store stops this weekend for various projects. On stop number two I finally found the perfect knobs for Henry's dresser.

A little project idea I have in mind, I'll post pics if it turns out well:)

Fake pumpkins, prepare to be glittered and chevroned!

After an early dinner on Sunday, we went for a little walk along the river. Such a beautiful evening.

And this weekend looks amazing with highs in the 60's! Perfect for celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary!
Prepare yourselves for loads of wedding and honeymoon pictures later in the week:)