Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

 Today we commemorate the death of Jesus Christ, who chose to die for our sins. 
Sunday, we will celebrate his resurrection.  He came back to life, from the dead. 
He did all this, for us, so that we may have eternal life- amazing, right?!

Have a wonderful Good Friday, friends!
Remember to give thanks for the amazing God we serve.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ready For Spring And Carrot Cake

So that's the second post this week with the word "cake" in the title. I clearly have a problem.
But have I mentioned we're excited for Easter!?
Oklahoma temps are finally warming back up and I hope they stick. You never know around here... 

On Easter Sunday we have family coming over for a little dessert party. We're not doing the huge traditional Easter dinner on Sunday this year. But I have to say, I'm really excited for an easy, low key get together. 

Everyone is bringing some kind of dessert and I've decided to make this carrot cake recipe. I know carrot cake isn't for everyone, but I LOVE it! And this recipe seems pretty fail-proof!
This recipe looks delicious as well.
So I decided to add a few touches of spring decor to freshen up our abode. Again, I just love spring colors and having fresh flowers around makes me a happy girl. I plan on adding some fresh tulips before the weekend.
 Homemade banner I used for Henry's Easter pics, plastic Easter eggs, 
 and Forsythia from my mom's backyard. So easy!
 My diy chalkboard with my favorite Easter Bible verse, more eggs, and cute little chicks from the Target Dollar Spot.
I just used some cute ribbon and clipped on the pic of Henry's first visit with the Easter Bunny:)
 And I think I'll print off this adorable banner to hang by the dessert table. Love these colors!
Download here
Just three more days!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Henry's Easter Basket!

I have always LOVED Easter! A day to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus, first and foremost.
I can't wait to teach Henry what Easter really means!

Easter also brings out all the fun spring colors and decorations, Easter outfits, and Easter basket goodies! I remember being little and waking up Easter morning to see what the Easter Bunny had left in our baskets. Silly, I know, but a fun tradition we plan to carry on with the little man:)

Here's what the Easter Bunny is leaving Henry this year.

1. Easter Bunny Touch and Feel Book-  
    Little Man is obsessed with books, this one is super cute.
2. Where Are Baby's Easter Eggs Book 
    Where is Baby's Belly Button is his favorite, so I'm sure he'll love this!
3. My First Shapes Jumbo Puzzle
    Love Melissa and Doug Toys. He has another and I can't believe how well he plays with it!
4. My First Markers- 
    I'm excited to hang up some of his artwork:)
5. Bubble Wand, Squishy Baseball, Frog - All cute little things I picked up at Target.
He's also obsessed with the plastic Easter eggs I've been letting him play with, so I plan to fill them with little "treats"  on Easter Sunday- goldfish, cheerios, etc...  He'll love it:)

I was so excited to pull out his Easter Basket from his closet a couple of weeks ago. It's from Pottery Barn last year and I still LOVE it. It's the large size so I plan to pick up a toddler version next year when he is able to walk around collecting eggs:)

Just one month old, his first Easter.

We are officially ready for Easter!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Fun and Cigarette Cake

Sorry for the gross title, let me explain...
I hoped for a low key weekend and I got it! It was so great having Shawn home all day to help with the little monkey. He is becoming quite the toddler lately, and his little (or big, actually) personality cracks us up.

After some Mama only shopping time, I came home to my well slept baby. Good naps=Happy Henry:) We blew up the bounce house again and he went to town! He quickly decided the slide was calling his name and did this about ten times in a row:

We just chilled the rest of the day at home and had a yummy dinner and watched Skyfall.
Good movie, but I'm sorry, Pierce will always be James Bond to me:)

Sunday morning we headed to the mall for Easter bunny pictures. Total Fail.
We even tried for another round after we grabbed some food. He was not having it, He cried as soon as we sat him down. But I may try again next week.
Best Mom Ever!
Before Easter Bunny.                                 After Eater Bunny.

The highlight of the weekend was this amazing cake.

That's right- my main man has been smoke free for a whole year! This called for cake, obviously.
We had some family over and celebrated Shawnie's HUGE accomplishment- we are so proud of him!
Henry is a little rowdy these days. But tries to apologize with a hug. Noah wasn't feeling it.

We finished off the weekend with some much needed Mexican food. Yes, we had cake and then ate Mexican food. Don't judge. It was my cheat day.
Henry loved it.

Hope your weekend was great, as well! Happy Monday!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Busy Bees

That's what we've been in the McCutchin household. And unfortunately, blogging took a backseat to the rest of life's happenings. When I would finally get some free time to blog, I'd feel like there was so much to document that I'd just get overwhelmed and say forget about it! 
Sorta like the massive amount of clean laundry that keeps growing instead of being put away. 
I need a housekeeper!

awesome print by my friend, Lesley
 So one thing at a time. Let's start with this week- Spring Break!
Things got pret-ty crazy around here, that's what spring break is all about right? For example, one night I stayed up until midnight watching three episodes of Parenthood, whaaat!? Crazy, I know.
Seriously though, probably my favorite show these days. I started by watching this past season as it aired, and now I'm going back and starting from the beginning. 

Also this week, Henry and his best friend Griffin got their model on for some Easter pics. 
Pure. Cuteness. I hope to post some next week:)
We still need to hook up with the Easter Bunny for their annul  photo sesh.  Next week, hopefully!

Shawn and I filled out our NCAA brackets! My first time, can you believe it?! 
 Hubs is a huge sports fan and when something is constantly on TV it's hard to ignore it forever, so I must admit, basketball is pretty fun and easy to get into. And I'm currently doing better than Shawn, so that helps:)

Today started out with a play date with Henry's bestie and Cousin Noah. 
So happy we bought a bounce house for Henry's party instead of renting one. The boys had a blast and good naps usually follow. I just move a couple of chairs around and it fits in the living room- perfect for this gross, cold weather we're having!

We also had to take my car in for some repairs, so that was fun!

So, needless to say, I'm looking forward to a little down time!
And Sunday we're having a little celebration- so excited for a piece of cake (I recently gave up flour and sugar, so I'm ready for a little treat!)
Loving this cute quote I just found on Pinterest. I love anything Julia Child!

Next week I promise some posts involving Henry's first birthday, his birthday photo session, Easter pics, Easter basket goodies, and who knows what else. Random is my middle name. 

It feels good to be back, friends. Thanks for sticking with me!