Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Henry's Easter Basket!

I have always LOVED Easter! A day to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus, first and foremost.
I can't wait to teach Henry what Easter really means!

Easter also brings out all the fun spring colors and decorations, Easter outfits, and Easter basket goodies! I remember being little and waking up Easter morning to see what the Easter Bunny had left in our baskets. Silly, I know, but a fun tradition we plan to carry on with the little man:)

Here's what the Easter Bunny is leaving Henry this year.

1. Easter Bunny Touch and Feel Book-  
    Little Man is obsessed with books, this one is super cute.
2. Where Are Baby's Easter Eggs Book 
    Where is Baby's Belly Button is his favorite, so I'm sure he'll love this!
3. My First Shapes Jumbo Puzzle
    Love Melissa and Doug Toys. He has another and I can't believe how well he plays with it!
4. My First Markers- 
    I'm excited to hang up some of his artwork:)
5. Bubble Wand, Squishy Baseball, Frog - All cute little things I picked up at Target.
He's also obsessed with the plastic Easter eggs I've been letting him play with, so I plan to fill them with little "treats"  on Easter Sunday- goldfish, cheerios, etc...  He'll love it:)

I was so excited to pull out his Easter Basket from his closet a couple of weeks ago. It's from Pottery Barn last year and I still LOVE it. It's the large size so I plan to pick up a toddler version next year when he is able to walk around collecting eggs:)

Just one month old, his first Easter.

We are officially ready for Easter!


  1. So cute! Love the picture of Henry in his Easter basket. How time flies!

    1. Thank, Jenny! It FLIES! Can't believe he was that little!

  2. I love Henry's PBK basket and goodies! We have the large basket and my in-laws have the smaller toddler size for Avery. Best of both worlds! Happy Easter :)

  3. Hi Kate! Just wanted to let you know that I'm hosting an Easter Basket link party today and I hope you'll link this up! Would love to send more readers your way. :)

    PS - Henry is a doll and I love his personalized Easter Basket. Aren't boys so much fun?!

    1. I'm there!
      Thanks so much! I LOVE being a boy mom:) They are a blast!!

    2. Thanks for linking up and I couldn't agree more. I'm secretly hoping to have another boy someday but don't tell the hubs. :)

  4. Cute goodies! My little guy has the Easter bunny touch and feel book and loves it. Happy Easter( a little early )!

    1. Thank you, and glad to hear he likes it! I'm sure Henry will too:) Happy Easter!

  5. Love the Easter basket! Love him in it more though; he is way too adorable (crying and all)! Stoppin' by from the blog hop. I just wanted to let you know I'm following all of your social networks and via GFC and bloglovin' :o) If you'd like to follow back, you can find me here:






    blog url

    1. Thank you- it's so sad, but I just love the shot of him in the basket, too
      Thanks for stopping by!!

  6. Absolutely precious.....all of it! I can't get over him in his Easter basket last year! Time flies, does it not?! Just think, next year he'll be hunting eggs! :). So glad you linked-up!!!


    1. Thanks,Darci! Time does FLY! Crazy to think he'll be running all over the place next year. Thanks for stopping by:) Such a great idea for a link-up!

  7. I love the picture of him in the basket, so cute!

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