Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Fun and Cigarette Cake

Sorry for the gross title, let me explain...
I hoped for a low key weekend and I got it! It was so great having Shawn home all day to help with the little monkey. He is becoming quite the toddler lately, and his little (or big, actually) personality cracks us up.

After some Mama only shopping time, I came home to my well slept baby. Good naps=Happy Henry:) We blew up the bounce house again and he went to town! He quickly decided the slide was calling his name and did this about ten times in a row:

We just chilled the rest of the day at home and had a yummy dinner and watched Skyfall.
Good movie, but I'm sorry, Pierce will always be James Bond to me:)

Sunday morning we headed to the mall for Easter bunny pictures. Total Fail.
We even tried for another round after we grabbed some food. He was not having it, He cried as soon as we sat him down. But I may try again next week.
Best Mom Ever!
Before Easter Bunny.                                 After Eater Bunny.

The highlight of the weekend was this amazing cake.

That's right- my main man has been smoke free for a whole year! This called for cake, obviously.
We had some family over and celebrated Shawnie's HUGE accomplishment- we are so proud of him!
Henry is a little rowdy these days. But tries to apologize with a hug. Noah wasn't feeling it.

We finished off the weekend with some much needed Mexican food. Yes, we had cake and then ate Mexican food. Don't judge. It was my cheat day.
Henry loved it.

Hope your weekend was great, as well! Happy Monday!


  1. That cake is awesome! Love it! You have a new fan (and follower!)

  2. Thank you, Sarah! Despite the gross cigarette on top, it was really good:) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Those easter photos are classic! And congrats to your husband...that is a big accomplishment!

    1. Thanks, Betty! We are so proud of him:)