Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

(Sorry I took a few days off, little blog. Mama needed a break!)

So today we get to celebrate Henry's first Halloween!
Just look at my little lion:)
Seriously, have you ever seen anything cuter!?  
Because no mom ever says that;)

He will dress up again tonight- we plan on staying home and handing out candy to the hundreds of kids that come through our neighborhood.   
The grandmas and some other family are stopping by. 
And I really need to watch Hocus Pocus one more time this year. 
 I can't wait until Henry is old enough for Trick-or-Treating!!!

Yesterday he went back to the pumpkin patch with his best friend.
He LOVED it!
So maybe love isn't the right word...
Basically he acted like it was the most awful thing he's ever had to do 
in his (almost) eight months of life.

We managed a few smiles but basically every photo looks like this

Have you ever tried to put clothes on a small dog and they just lie there, completely frozen?
That was Henry yesterday. And Cassie and I could not stop laughing. It was so sad and funny:) 
My poor baby!

Now here are several more pictures for your viewing pleasure!


Hope everyone has a happy Halloween!

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