Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Randoms

Woohoo! Weekend time!
We have a very busy weekend ahead of us and I can't wait. As previously mentioned, it's our 6 year anniversary on Sunday! It's also my sister-in-law's birthday, our neighborhood block party, and we still need to squeeze in a visit to the fair. And Mama wants a pedicure! So much to do!

Some super exciting news- I have a new baby cousin!!!
Sweet baby boy was born this morning. He's 9.12 lbs!  Makes Henry's birth weight of 7.11 seem tiny!
He doesn't have a name yet. But I have a pretty good idea of what it may be:) It's my Aunt Terry's turn to pick the name. We shared some of our faves earlier in the summer and she has great taste.  I'm obsessed with baby names! I can't wait to choose another;)

This is a popular day for birthdays! Facebook tells me I have 4 other friends with birthdays today, too. New Year's Eve after parties? ;)

This time last year we were having the ultrasound to find out Henry's gender! It's such a cute little story. I'm going to post it so we can always remember that fun day.

We still have no specific plans on how we'll celebrate our anniversary! We're usually on vacation right about now for our gift to each other, but there's no way I'm leaving Henry yet. So we're just laying low this year and the travelling will resume next year:)
I really want to make it a family event. Call me crazy but we may just have an early dinner with the three of us. Our weekends are precious to us and we want to soak up every bit of Henry while he's so little. Shawn said the sweetest thing- "no one will ever regret spending too much time with their children". I completely agree, Hubs:)

I've been saying "kiss" and Henry is opening his mouth and waiting for you to lay some smooches on him:) Soooo cute!
Henry loving on his buddy Luke

We are having so much fun with this little monkey. He is hilarious. Just laying around and chatting with him is my favorite thing in the world right now:)

Love this post so much! I found her blog when I first became pregnant and I've been hooked ever since. Her baby girl is the cutest. She and Henry need a baby date. Chubby babies are my fave:)

Gotta run- Henry is telling me he's ready for his sweet potatoes and blueberries!
Have a wonderful weekend, sweet family and friends!


  1. Oh this is all too sweet-- new life and brother love.

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  2. the black and white photos are so cute!! thanks for linking up for the aloha friday hop :)