Tuesday, October 23, 2012

That Time When My Baby Had Two Teeth

Another tooth, another milestone closer to going away to college then getting married then leaving me forever...  
Okay, maybe a bit dramatic, but little man has a top tooth poking through. And all these new little developments are so bittersweet to me. I am so in love with the fun little boy he's becoming,
but sometimes a mom just wants to freeze time and bottle up all that sweet baby-ness.
I decided to grab my camera so we could remember his top toothless gums forever.  His bottom two came in right when he turned five months and I was hoping those would be the only ones for a while. I guess Henry thinks he has some growing up to do. Let's slow it down, little man!
Thankfully, he's still sleeping 12 hours at night but naps are all over the place. He's definitely been a bit more opinionated lately, 
and a little cranky.
Like sometimes he yells at me.
Not very polite, son. (We're working on our manners)
 Things that help with teething around these parts:
-Cold, damp washcloths. But just put them in the fridge- Henry agrees that the freezer is too harsh for those sensitive little gums.
-Hyland's Teething Tablets
-Tylenol at Night
-Chewing on Puffs to distract the little guy
-Cold fruit in the mesh feeders
I pray the other top tooth comes in ASAP so baby boy can get a break from the pain. It breaks my heart:(
Then no more teeth, mister. You hear me?


  1. Ohhhh so cute! I feel ya, I get a little sad with every new tooth that pops thru too! Love your photos =)

  2. Breaks my heart! But I guess I better get used to it... Thank you!!