Thursday, October 18, 2012

Embrace the Camera 10.18.12

Hooray for Thursday! 
We had an awesome day here- Henry's first visit to the zoo! 
I can't wait to go through all the photos,
 but I thought I'd at least post a couple for ETC:)

The boy loves animals. His little eyes will follow them around like a hawk. I'm pretty sure he loved it and we can't wait to go back!



  1. Stopping by from ETC. Fun pics! The littles are so much fun at that age, discovering new things.

  2. gosh, the zoo is just the coolest place for parents, ahem...I mean kiddos hahah I have a blast with them too... it looks like you had a great time and your little one is just adorable!

  3. Thanks so much! Yes, we had a blast!! Hopefully Henry liked it a little bit:)