Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Randoms

Hello and a happy Friday to ya! Hallelujah for the weekend. This mama is exhausted and I can't wait for Shawn to be home tomorrow so I can take a nap. How sad is that- planning a nap for the next day (you know you're a mom when)....

Here's how Henry's nap is going so I better hustle.

Looking over the side for someone to play with

The Fair is in town!  I can't wait for a funnel cake and I'm secretly hoping Shawn will get a turkey leg because I refuse to walk around holding one of those things.

The new Mumford and Sons album came out this week. I'm obsessed!  Henry and I listened to it all morning.

I think we should toast to the beginning of Fall with one of these this weekend!
This sounds so good right now. But I don't even know if I like bourbon drinks... so I better make this, for the sake of research. 

Someone pass the tissues because next week I will have a seven month old baby. Closer to a year old than a newborn. 
Someone hold me. 

So I've been planning Henry's six month photos for months. But the problem is that I never actually scheduled them. Looks like we'll be doing a seven month photo shoot instead. I'm waiting on some things to come in from Etsy so I can book a date.

Mama wants-
A new chambray shirt for fall. And sorry if it's what all the kids are doing, but I can't/won't wear denim on denim.

Baby wants-
This precious "Riding Cardigan"
Ralph Lauren

Well that should do it. Hope everyone has a nice relaxing weekend!

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