Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Glasses!

So as I mentioned here, I ordered some new glasses online. Without trying them on. Like a crazy person.
I kept seeing friends on Facebook claiming their "free glasses offer" from
I decided to grab one and check out their site.

I found some cute frames and decided, what the heck?! I entered my prescription info and went through the checkout and the offer was legit! I only had to pay shipping and handling.

I was tempted to upgrade my lenses, thinking they'd be super thick, but I'm cheap:) The frames I ordered were thick and covered my lenses just fine.

I ordered last Thursday evening and they arrived Tuesday morning!
They came with a great little case and repair/cleaning kit.

They are so fun and I'm loving them!  This post was not sponsored in any way- I was just really impressed with this company! I would definitely recommend ordering from Coastal!

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