Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Henry is Six Months!

Henry Man, who gave you permission to turn six months? I know everyone says it, but geez louise, time flies!

 I can not believe you have been out of my belly for six whole months. I secretly wish you were still in there sometimes so I could keep you all to myself. But I know you'd be a bit squished at twenty-one pounds:)
You are such a JOY, little baby. I am so so thankful God chose us to be your parents. You have developed quite the personality and are just such a happy guy. Everyone comments on what a great baby you are!

You laugh and smile all the time. You are so expressive with your little eyebrows and make the best faces. You are very observant and love watching and listening to people. You are pretty laid back, but when you have an opinion you definitely let us know :) I am so very grateful we get to spend our days together and miss you at night when you're in bed.
You are such a blessing.
I can't wait to see what kind of little person you'll grow into. But if you could just slow this growing up business a little,  Mama would really appreciate it... k?

At your six month checkup
Weight- 20.9lbs, 93rd percentile
Length-27.5inches, 87th percentile
Head Circumference- 17.75, 87th percentile

6mth check-up
6mth check-up
Two bottom! They both came in the week you turned five months. You were your normal happy self during the day as they were coming in, but up almost every two hours at night. You have been playing with your tongue a lot more and making all kids of funny noises. No issues while nursing, thankfully:)

We finally moved you to your own room last month and you just love your crib! You're starting to remember again that you're able to sleep though the night, no thanks to teething! Bedtime is usually 6:30 or 7:00pm and you either wake up once to nurse or sleep through the night. You take a morning and afternoon nap- usually an hour or two each, and then a short 30 minute nap late in the day,

You started solids! Currently you are eating breakfast and dinner in addition to your full-time nursing. I'll write a separate post on solids, but basically you're a champ-if people couldn't tell by your thighs:)

Little monkey, you are rolling all over the place! You push up on your arms and try to scoot a little, but no crawling yet. And I'm hoping not for a while:) You love being in your jumper- we'll say "jump jump jump" and you smile really big and try to jump as hard as you can! You can sit up so well, almost completely by yourself. 

Likes- Mama, Daddy, boobies, eating, bath time, putting everything in your mouth, books, people, music, laughing, catching a glimpse of TV, playing with Taylor & the boys, your crazy family, white noise and your lovey, naked time
Dislikes- getting dressed, being put in your car seat, bottles and pacifiers, not being allowed to chew on Mama's phone, waiting through a diaper change, sleeping in

We love you, Monkey! Thanks for being the best baby ever:)