Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Randoms

Happy Friday! I can't wait for another fun weekend with my two favorite guys!

Don't judge, but I had the most delicious bowl of Fruit Loops for breakfast. Yes, I'm almost 30.
Using almond milk makes them better for you, right?

So excited for my new glasses to come in. I'm a crazy person and ordered them online without trying them on. Hoping they're big and nerdy looking. We shall see!

These temps are amazing. I probably need to wear boots and a scarf today...

Loving this little lion costume. I was set on Henry having a sweet little pumpkin costume from PB Kids as his first- cute and classic. But I saw the costume in person and was not impressed with the quality. I know, important life decisions:)

Think we'll be checking out this tomorrow, 
hopefully with Ryan and Kari and sweet Mila!

Cool weather always makes me want to listen to Ray LaMontagne. This song feels like fall.

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

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