Thursday, September 6, 2012

"Mama" & Embrace the Camera 9.6.12

I've always wanted to be a Mama for as long as I can remember. While waiting for that little baby to come along you have lots of little day dreams, imagining what all those "firsts" will be like- when will they roll over, first belly laugh, first word...
Well let me tell you, all these little moments are even better than you could ever imagine. And today my little man said his first word. He's been babbling nonstop, ama ma ma ma a ma. And of course I've been say "Mama" over and over again to him:)
But this morning, I went to get that little nugget out of his crib and he looked right at me, smiled, and said "Mama" as clear as day, then snuggled up against me. 
Best. Sound. Ever.
I know he may not understand that that's my name but I think he gets that the word goes with me, if that makes any sense- it does to me:)

little man napping today

We also had a nice lunch with my mom (Gigi). 
Henry gave her lots of snuggles and we tried not to discuss politics:)
Henry and his Gigi

Henry and Mama:)