Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Happenings

Another weekend has come and gone. Nice and relaxing,
just how we like it!

This little monkey has been waking up hungry around 5am. He'll quickly eat and go right back to sleep. Seven is wake-up time but he wanted to sleep in so we let him. Until 8:15 Saturday and 8:45 Sunday. Not a good move on our parts! That little stinker would not take his morning nap and was off schedule all day. 
Thankfully he was still a happy camper:)

I made these pumpkin waffles and they were delicious. Like soooo good! I'll definitely post the recipe because you'll love them!!!

That afternoon we checked out the Rock 'N Rib Festival. 
Good beer. Bad BBQ. Seriously not good at all. I can't remember where we ordered from but they had won tons of awards so we thought we'd be safe. Oh well, we enjoyed the cool temps and it was good to get out of the house!

As usual, Sunday was full of Football. Shawn lost in one of his fantasy leagues. 
Sorry babe.  I'll give you some tips next week.  I'm working on some great names for my team next year:)

Shawn took a break and played some guitar for Henry. He loved it, especially when you sing along!

Henry wanted to put it in his mouth, naturally:)

Another great weekend- love my family!

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