Sunday, December 2, 2012

Nine Months Old!

 I don't really do  the monthly letters thing (but you better believe there will be a huge banner of monthly photos at Henry's first birthday party!)
But nine months feels like a pretty big deal so I thought I'd write my little man a love note:)

Sweet Baby Boy,
I can't believe nine whole months have passed. Nine months in, nine months out. Just crazy.
I told you today I wish sometimes I could put you back in my belly and keep you all safe and warm. You just stared at me with that serious face of yours.
I guess those extra rolls keep you warm enough now:)
You are the most amazing little man. What did Daddy and I do before we met you? You still aren't crawling but you keep us on our toes for sure! Rolling is your preferred method of traveling. You get in a crawling position, rock a little bit, but fall to the side and decide rolling is the way to go.
It's the cutest. Thing. Ever.

You are still nursing 4-5 times per day. We both still love it:)
You eat any food we put in front of you. And LOVE a sippy cup.
You have four top teeth, two bottom.
You LOVE music and try to dance when you hear it.
You give Daddy your biggest smiles.
You sleep around 12 hours at night and take two naps during the day.
You get so excited when you see other children.
You love when we wake up Daddy in the mornings and climb on his face.
You love bath time. And don't love having your hair washed.
You do not care for getting dressed. With a passion.
You give mommy kisses, when I'm lucky. And I get snuggles when you're sleepy.
You love animals.
You love Mama and Daddy

You are our world.
We love you,  so so much.:)


  1. What a cutie..and I love the name Henry! Sounds like you have a great sleeper too. Isn't nursing the best- I never thought we'd still be nursing but to be honest now that my lil guy is 8 mos. I can't say that I've even thought about stopping yet. Happy 9 months sweet baby!

    1. Thank you! And Owen, btw, is on my list of favorites too!
      We love nursing over here:) I had originally hoped to make it to 6 months!
      It has been the best experience and I know I am blessed for it to come so easily. I hope we make it to a year, at least:)
      Thanks for stopping by!
      *I originally found you by your fabulous nursery- I've been searching for a map like Owen's for months:)