Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Goodbye Dining Room, Hello Playroom

Last weekend Shawn and I were discussing where we would put all of Henry's new toys after Christmas time. Spoiled baby.  My living room floor looks like a day care. 
He has a decent sized room with a huge closet but we don't seem to play in there as often as we do in other areas of the house. We have a cozy little house with plenty of room for us right now, but I'd kill for an extra playroom. We have an extra bedroom but I think it would be best to leave it as our office/guestroom for now so it's free for baby #2- hopefully it will be needed sooner than later;)   So that leaves our formal dining room!  We use it maybe 2x a year so why waste that glorious extra square footage!?

The room is right off the entry and has a large arched entry. I'd love to be able to put up some kind of door- to keep the kids (and noise) contained. A couple of doors on a barn door track may do the trick.
It would have to be mounted on the inside of the room but I think it could totally work!
Source: babyrabies.com via Kate on Pinterest

And here are some pretty pics of playroom inspiration I've found. I would like to keep it neutral - not too kiddy-light, bright, and relaxing! No primary colored walls or clowns:)

Then of course we'll  need some awesome storage, a chalkboard wall, and a tent or teepee with twinkle lights so we can all snuggle with some books and Jude Law, The Holiday style;) 

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