Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Henry's Christmas Wish List

Our little family is so excited that Christmas is right around the corner! We pretty much finished shopping for Henry last weekend. He's at a tricky age- nine month old babies are interested in bigger toys but may not be physically able to play with all of them, but almost bored with their "baby" toys at the same time.  So we picked up a few things that will hopefully last him a while. I'm sure he'll love them, we didn't go crazy- he has grandparents for that:)

As he gets older and begins to understand, we will go the four gifts route: "Something you want, Something you need, Something to wear, Something to Read"! I really think this will help to keep the stress and craziness that we can put on ourselves to a minimum.
We want to raise children that love Jesus and know why we celebrate Christmas 

Here is a little help if you're shopping for a baby and need some ideas- We bought a few of these and know that a couple others will be coming:)

Shape Sorting Cube 
A classic and great for developing those fine motor skills
Anywhere Chair
His own chair- I'm sure he'll be climbing all over this in no time! Love that the cover is removable.
Elephant Popper
Kids love this thing!
Drum/Instrument Set
We may have already opened this and let him play with it. He may love it. His cousins may be getting the same set from Auntie Kate:)
Activity Cube
His friend has this and he loved it- played with it for minutes upon minutes:)
Storybook Bible
His first bible. Can't wait to snuggle up and read this together! I've skimmed through and it seems to be really well written. Awesome reviews.
We open one present Christmas Eve- that present always turns out to be new jammies, weird!
Henry told  PaPa he neeeeeded this! Mama can't wait!! Perfect for walks to the pool, park.... anywhere we want to walk:)
He's already played with this guy too, he makes the sweetest faces trying to figure out the new puppy. Precious. And the sounds aren't too annoying.

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