Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Pregnancy Must Haves

Because I miss being pregnant. For reals. I frequently said I wanted to keep Henry in my belly forever.
My mama bear instinct kicked in immediately after I found out I was pregnant. I wanted to keep him safe and tucked away from the world so he'd never leave me. That's probably one of the reasons he hasn't had a bottle yet, yes I have issues... :)
Anyway, I seriously loved and appreciated my entire pregnancy. It took us a while to become pregnant and I am so grateful I was able to. Thankfully it was smooth sailing until the last month because of my blood pressure. Of course I had some nausea (but never puked!), aches, and pains- and these things were lifesavers at times!

1. Pellegrino- The bubbles helped settle my tummy aches. I looove the carbonation and it kind of makes you think you're drinking a cocktail!  Also, I have sweet memories of drinking it everyday on our honeymoon in Rome:)
2. Face Wipes- Pregnancy made me EXHAUSTED!  These are great when you've spent all your energy going to the bathroom for the 20th time and don't want to take off your makeup.
3. Ice- Sonic's is awesome. I craved Ice- I heard that can mean an iron deficiency? But I was fine... Anyway, never thought I could crave ice, but it's true. I just remembered my hospital has the best ice in the world. One more reason I'm excited for my sister-in law to deliver:)
4. Pedicures- I lived for getting my nails done! Honestly, I would have been happy just sitting with my feet in the warm water and getting my legs massaged. Probably would have been cheaper. 
5. I loved getting weekly updates to see how our little bean was growing. The message boards are my favorite part. It was really neat to read updates from moms due at the same time. I loved everyone's posts announcing their babies were here!
6. My IPhone- So I could read at 3 AM when I couldn't sleep.
7. Body Pillow- Plus about 5 other pillows. Bed became reeeeally uncomfortable towards the end. I used pillows to prop up everything I could!
8. Leggings- I loved mine from Old Navy. I was able to avoid buying a lot of maternity clothes with these. My too-short-because-of-my-huge-belly dresses were wearable with these underneath. And they're so comfy! I love to wear anything that feels like PJ's. 
9. Sushi and Mexican Food- Don't freak out, no raw fish. But I could eat it everyday while pregnant! And Mexican food, my goodness do I love it! 
Now I'm hungry:)

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