Saturday, April 21, 2012

Meet Henry! (My Birth Story)

  Our sweet little man came into this world on March 2nd, 2012.  We never could have guessed how much a 7 pound, 11 ounce little peanut could completely change our lives. I think the past seven weeks have been more exciting and eventful than the almost 6 years we've been married. We are completely smitten.

  While incredibly personal and intimate, I wanted to share the basics of my birth story. For myself to remember the special day, and for other mommas-to-be. I searched for hours and read what seemed like hundreds of birth stories before having Henry- they're all so different but I wanted to soak up all the info I could get! Also, women just looove to share their birth horror stories. I finally got to the point during my pregnancy where I'd have to just cut women off when they started in with their scary details. My experience was just wonderful so hopefully it encourages someone.

  During my third trimester my blood pressure was getting higher and higher at every doctor's appointment. My fabulous doctor, Dr. Coleman, decided 38 weeks was enough and wanted to induce me before I could develop Preeclampsia.  So I was sent to the hospital to be monitored overnight and  induced the next morning.
  We finally had a room around 9 PM. They hooked me up to all the monitors and the nurse said I should try to sleep. Sleep was not happening. The blood pressure cuff was constantly going off, I had two tight bands wrapped around my belly to monitor the baby's heart rate, and I had to use the bathroom every 30 minutes. I know those aren't real problems compared to what some pregnant women go through, but I was completely miserable and so ready to meet our little guy!
  Around 3AM they started the Pitocin. They would increase the dosage every hour, but I didn't start contracting or feel any cramping for a few hours.
  My doctor came in around 9 AM to check me. I was only dilated 3 or 4 cm and 70% effaced.  I was 2-3 cm at my appointment a few days earlier. (I was at 2 cm and 50% effaced by 35 weeks and never progressed).
  So we decided it would be best to break my water. About an hour later I started to really feel the contractions. They were coming really frequently and lasting longer and longer.
  My awesome nurse, Olivia, checked me around noon- she told me 3 to 4 cm still. I knew I wouldn't be able to last much longer, Pitocin is no joke! Olivia told me she thought it was the perfect time to get the epidural, that my body needed to relax so I could progress. So I asked for my epidural, knowing it would take about an hour for the anesthesiologist to arrive.
  The anesthesiologist arrived around 1PM. At this point I was pretty much in tears. My contractions were over a minute long and less than a minute apart!!  All I could do was stand next to my bed and sway, while my nurse and husband knew not to touch or talk to me:)  I was definitely more afraid of the epidural than I should have been. Hardly any pain. The worst part was having to be completely still during four contractions while there was a needle in my back!  But it worked perfectly and almost instantly. Olivia tucked me in bed and I was finally able to sleep! I took a nap and she came back to check me an hour later. I was at a 9!!! God bless good nurses, and anesthesiologists:)
  I spent the next couple of hours totally relaxed and taking little naps while watching Friends on TV. I was fully dilated and effaced around 4pm. It was time to push!
 Dr. Coleman was delivering another baby at the same time so I pushed a couple of times with Olivia to make sure I was ready. The baby was right there and she told us about all the hair he had. We just  had to wait a few more minutes for Dr. Coleman to come back.
  I loved how peaceful and stress free the room was. We were just chatting and joking around while my blissfully numb legs were up in the air (with a huge spotlight on my lady parts). So awkward but I could care less at that point!
  Finally, my doctor was ready to catch my baby! Shawn counted while I gave 3 big pushes, and Henry was here!  Shawn cut the cord and they laid him right on my chest, such an incredible feeling. He gave us a few big cries then just stared at me. I couldn't believe how alert he was. Seven pounds, eleven ounces, 20.5 inches long. Just perfect. I felt like I had known him forever.
   My husband and I wiped our tears and realized Friends had been on in the background the whole time LOL. Shawn made a mental note of what episode was on-Maybe we'll try to watch it every year on his birthday! Way better than a recording of the delivery:)


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  2. One of the two greatest days of my life :)