Thursday, August 2, 2012

Embrace the Camera 8.2.12

Embrace the Camera time!

Henry had his first visit to the Oklahoma Aquarium!
 Let's just pretend he was interested in taking this picture with his dear mother:)
We finally got to see Cousin Charlie, Uncle Scott, and Aunt Terry. We had not seen them since last Thanksgiving! Scott is my mom's little brother so Henry and Charlie are actually second cousins. 
 I was surprised at how interested Henry was in all the exhibits.
He loved watching all the fish swim around and we had a great time!
We ended up buying a family pass so I'm sure there will be several more visits in his future.
It was also the first time he sat in his stroller with out his car seat. He did really well and loved the view, but I think he's still a few weeks away from being totally ready for it.

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