Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Growing Boy!

I can not even believe my sweet baby will be three months old on Friday! 
 (I so need to start posting his monthly photos).
I never posted details of his eight-week checkup, but my baby is big!
At two months he was just over 14lbs (he doubled his birth weight!), in the 88th percentile in height, and 92nd percentile in weight. Momma makes good milk I guess:)
I don't think you can over breast feed a baby, can you??

Henry and his cousin Noah. Henry is almost the same height:)
Noah was born about three months before Henry!

This was yesterday when I remembered his Bumbo seat was still in the closet. 
We should have gotten it out a bit sooner. 
The chair comes with when you lift him:) 
 Those chubby thighs- I could eat them!

Love my little man!

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